A Nationally Curated Postal Sticker Show

January 5 - February 9, 2019 @ Dorchester Art Project


Opening Reception 1/5/19 6-10pm

Music by: Grubby Pawz, Loman, Eboane Aud. & SPNDA

Closing Reception: 2/9/19 6-10pm

Music by: Bobby Bangers

Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays form 12-6pm

Dorchester Art Project 1486 Dorchester Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02122

“Priority Made” is a group art show of work done on or relating to the free Label 228 USPS Postal Sticker popularized through use by graffiti artists. The show will include graff stickers, art stickers, a timeline of the different blank versions of the 228 sticker, and non-sticker pieces inspired by or paying tribute to the 228 sticker. “Priority Made” explores the sticker as a catalyst and universal canvas from which anything can be “made” and the wide variety of work that has been inspired by or executed on this humble adhesive label.

Prioiriy Made gathers work from over 100 artists with the Boston graffiti scene represented by local legends like Tense, Imagine876, Deme5, Soems, Take1, Rob Stull aka Note, Omega Rocks, Hops and more. Youth from Boston and students from Madison Park High School in Roxbury will show alongside artists all around the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, and even the UK + Germany with regional heavyweights like Jayel 228 (NY) and Kever (FL). The show will feature interactive stations for sitcker making and trading.

Raffle for REEFA

In Support of REEFA / Justice for Israel Hernandez , a movie beaing made based on the true story of 18 year-old Miami based Latin artist Israel "Reefa" Hernandez whose death by police sparked a national movement, we are holding a raffle of art and sticker pakcs, art supplies and other prizes.


3 Ways To Support / Particpiate

1 - Donate Directly to the REEFA / Justice for Israel Hernandez Kickstarter

Screenshot your Donation Confirmation and DM to @PriorityMade or E-Mail prioritymade (at) gmail (dot) com. We will send you your raffle numbers.

2 - Buy Raffle Tickets Below

We will send you your raffle numbers. All proceeds go to the REEFA / Justice for Israel Hernandez.


3 - Donate Items to the Raffle

If you would like to contribute art or other prizes to the raffle, please DM to @PriorityMade or E-Mail prioritymade (at) gmail (dot) com.

Prizes must be delivered to show by February 9th.

Raffle Rules

You can enter as many times as you like.

Every dollar donated is worth the following

1 for $5
3 ticket is $10
8 tickets for $20
50 for $50

Prizes and winners will be posted on the @PriorityMade Instagram.

Winners will be selected February 21st after the Kickstarter closes.